Medical and Mental Health Resources for Students

KCAI students have access to medical and mental health resources through the following services.


Medical Care

KCAI students have access to board certified physicians for general illnesses through Teladoc. Students can connect with physicians 24/7 by phone or video. 


Personal Counseling and Psychiatry Services 

KCAI students have two options for receiving counseling and psychiatry services. Those options include 

  • On-campus ongoing individual counseling services and referrals for off-campus psychiatry care


  • Ongoing individual counseling and psychiatry services through telemedicine, Teladoc



Welcome Note From Dr. Elisabeth Sundermeier, Campus Psychologist and Director of Counseling Services

We are a multi-layered service, with some resources on campus and some resources off campus.  It is our belief that help comes in many forms, but it always exists. (So do not give up hope!)  Help comes most effectively when you combine factors of availability (what kind of help is possible), advisability (what kind of help experts recommend), and personal preference (what kind of help you want).  That is why we provide the following layers of service.

KCAI offers approximately 50-60 hours of weekly on-campus ongoing individual counseling. Follow the steps below to request services. Services are available when classes are in session and not during college breaks. 

(1) All questions related to on-campus counseling services should be emailed to Dr. Sundermeier at

(2) Second, keep in mind that the service is not a hospital/24-hour service.  We provide primarily non-urgent care that is associated with the regular business hours of the college (8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, August through May).  So if you are in an emergency situation, you MUST get help via emergency services, 911, a local emergency room, or your psychiatrists' after-hours hotline. (More emergency information can be found on this page).

(3) Finally and most importantly, here is how you make contact and request on-campus counseling services.  Email Title your email “Counseling Request” and paste in the information below:

  • Chosen name

  • Legal name

  • Pronouns
  • Date of birth

  • Year in school

  • Phone number

  • All available hours, Monday through Friday (9am to 7pm)

  • Preference of counselor (BIPOC, LGBT, female, none, ect.)*

NOTE: Once you have submitted a request, you will be responded to within 2 business days (email Dr. Sundermeier to inquire if this does not occur).

*While we make it a priority to connect students with their preferences, we cannot guarantee we are able to accommodate all requests. 

Through on-campus counseling services, the counseling staff will work with the student to refer them to appropriate off-campus psychiatry resources.



KCAI students have access to book online appointments with board certified psychologists, therapists, and/or psychiatrists through Teladoc. Appointments are available 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm. There is a broad range of providers available to connect students with based on their individual preferences.