Teladoc - telemedicine (medical) and mental health


TELADOC Counseling, Medical and Psychiatric Services

KCAI students have access to book online appointments with board certified psychologists, therapists, and/or psychiatrists through Teladoc. Appointments are available 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm. There is a broad range of providers available to connect students with based on their individual preferences.

Services are available through secure video or phone and include:

  • Mental Health - Access to licensed therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other behavioral health specialists from home or school. Services include unlimited visits. 

  • Telemedicine (medical) - Get care 24/7 for non-emergency conditions like cold, flu, sinus infections, allergies, etc. 

  • myStrength - Access to flexible and comprehensive digital programs with proven tools and dedicated support for stress, depression, sleep, and more.

Teladoc services may not support the needs of all students at all times. Medical services are for short-term conditions and do not support chronic medical conditions, nor medication for chronic conditions and/or needs. Medication prescribed through medical or mental health providers does not include DEA controlled substances, or narcotics. Medication is an additional cost to the student, but at a discounted rate. Should students need additional resources, please contact

*Teladoc is available to students who have paid the KCAI health and wellness fee and is available for 12 months (August through July 31). Students who are under the age of 18 are not able to access Teladoc. 


To get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit, call 1-800-TELADOC or download the app (Apple, Google).

  2. Follow the instructions to register your account.  You’ll need the following info:

    1. First and Last Name - please use your campus first name 

    2. Date of Birth

    3. Biological Sex

    4. Zip Code - we recommend using the zip code for the address you have provided to the college (usually your home zip code)

  3. Once you are registered, you’ll be able to complete your medical history and connect to the care you need in minutes.

KCAI provides first and last names, zip code, KCAI email address, address, zip code, as well as the biological sex of each student to Teladoc. This information is provided to Teladoc by KCAI prior to the start of each academic year and reflects the most recent information the student has provided to KCAI. You must use the same information KCAI has provided when registering for Teladoc, or contact student affairs to make changes, if needed. Due to the standards within the healthcare industry, students may need to use legal names and biological sex when receiving care. 

If you are experiencing problems accessing/registering for Teladoc for any reason, please contact:

1-800-835-2362 - for immediate assistance 




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