The L&L Lab and offices are located on the second floor in DeBruce Hall.

Open Study Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm**   Room 236

**The L&L Lab is closed during midterms and finals weeks due to exams.
**The lab is open to all students for a quiet study space during open study hours. Please note, due to exams there may be certain days when open study hours are not available.

Need assistance with any part of the writing process? Research? Proofreading? Please use THIS FORM to request writing assistance and/or submit an assignment for review! 

To schedule an individual academic support appointment, please contact your Student Support Advisor: 
Danielle Bentley, - Ceramics, Fiber, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Amanda Hajdu, - Foundation, Animation, Filmmaking, Photography, Product Design
Jessica Castaneda, - Illustration

There are additional academic support resources (handouts, articles, videos, guides, etc.) posted on this page!!

Please email with any additional questions. 

Academic Resources

Title Description File type

Organize information for flash cards or fill in the document. 


Tips to engage in reading and table to fill in information while reading. 


How much time do you have in a week? Block off your class times, work times. Add time to work on assignments, read, studio, and even sleep, eat and pet your cat or water your plants. 


From Oregon State University, a guide to understanding how to be an active learner! Describes initial action step with follow up review/study actions.



Contact your academic advisor for help in the following areas: 

  • Time-management strategies and stress management
  • Set academic goals
  • Note-taking tips and organization
  • Study strategies and writing approaches
  • Accessing campus resources, ESL services, disability services and accommodations


Amanda Hajdu, :  Foundation, Animation, Filmmaking, Photography, Product Design
Danielle Bentley, : Ceramics, Fiber, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Jessica Castaneda, : Illustration

Offices are located in DeBruce Hall. 
General contact 


Additional academic resources


Sample Paper (Owl Purdue)

10 TIPS - Essay Writing
Don't feel motivated to start it, then you probably never will - try these tips to get the essay going

One of the best note taking methods for studying! 
More Cornell method.

Use one or many of these processes to feel productive daily and stay on track! 

BREAK BAD HABITS (start better habits)
How do you start a new habit and really get it to stick? How long will it take? This article, 5 Science-Backed Tips to Start Better Habits (+Break Bad Habits), shares how to build the new and ditch the old! 


TRIAGE YOUR BUSY LIFE (tame your stress)
TEDx: An ER doctor on triaging your "crazy busy" life

Check out this short video How To Stop Procrastinating - trick yourself into eating that elephant (you'll get it when you watch!). Worksheet to accompany the video: HTSP Worksheet

In this Art Prof video, How to Manage Your Time!, RISD adjunct professor and Art Prof teaching artists discuss the challenges of managing time while in art school and provide strategies and share their own stories of how they learned to balance it all! 


You may not want to hear all of these tips, because you might feel like they're speaking directly to you!  Who, me? Yes, you! 
10 Time Management Tips

41 TIME HACKS Used by ADHD Ninjas 
That's what the title says!  Check out these tools and tricks, provided by experts in this ADDitude article, to stay on time and productive.
41 Time Hacks


Art Station Magazine provides 10 killer time-management tips for artists




Clips with Tips!

From reminding yourself to take a deep breath (you got this), to using a google calendar and studying, you'll get your tips for all of that in more in these clips!  


Take a deep breath, and start here - general tips for using your campus resources this semester.

Studying for that Art History exam!

Manage that to-do list with your Google calendar!

How do I just do the thing?