KCAI recognizes the importance of emotional support animals to students with disabilities, chronic conditions, and/or other related diagnoses. The following policy is intended to create an educational and campus environment that allows those students who depend on emotional support animals equal access to our campus housing.

Your emotional support animal must be approved prior to occupancy (that is, before moving into the Residence Hall). If you receive approval for an emotional support animal after you have moved into the Residence Hall, you will be able to bring it at the beginning of the next semester.

Before you can begin the application to request an ESA, you will need the documentation and information outlined in the Emotional Support Animal policy, which includes:

  1. Documentation from a Healthcare Professional
  2. Veterinary Records for Emotional Support Animal
  3. Local Emergency Contact Information

Once you have all of the above documentation, you may click the link below (you must be logged into your KCAI Student Email to complete the application).

Click here to begin your Application to Request an Emotional Support Animal