COVID19 Dashboard

If you plan to be on campus on Saturday or Sunday, please fill out the Weekend Request form before 5 pm on the Friday before your visit. 

This is the Campus COVID-19 Dashboard. Updates will be made here weekly on Friday or as needed. 

Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases on Campus this week: 2 students, 1 employees*
(Saturday, November 14  - Friday, November 20 )

Individuals who test positive are required to quarantine. Through contact tracing, anyone who was exposed to the individual will be notified. 

*Based on this information, KCAI has not met any gating criteria for consideration of remote learning and/or building restrictions. For more information on gating criteria, consult the Return to Campus and Studio Guidelines (link below).

Building Restrictions: There are no full restrictions on buildings at this time. Check with specific buildings for their operating policies.

Policy Review: Effective Friday, October 2, we will be implementing the following changes to our protocols:

  • The timeframe for daily completion of the symptom check on the Rave Guardian App (or email for some) will be:

    • Monday through Friday: 

Commuting Students and Employees: 6 am-Noon daily and you MUST complete the check in BEFORE coming to campus 

Residents (BMRH and Marriott): 6 am-Noon daily and you MUST complete the check in BEFORE coming to campus or leaving your campus housing unit 

In other words, the symptom check must be completed by noon and before you come to campus, not 7:30 am! 

    • Saturday and Sunday: 

Commuting Students and Employees: 6 am-Noon if you are coming to campus AND BEFORE you come to campus 

Residents: 6 am-Noon daily and you MUST complete the check in BEFORE coming to campus or leaving your campus housing unit 

    • We will no longer require students and employees to complete the weekend sign-up form each week by Friday at 5 pm. We are confident that each department has established their own sign-up process for contact tracing. 

With Thanksgiving break forthcoming, we want to remind you of KCAI’s plans for the final weeks of the fall semester. As previously shared, due to the increased risk of Covid-19 the final three weeks of class, November 2– December 19, all courses will move to a remote format. Studios and campus housing (Barbara Marshall Residence Hall and Marriott Hotel) will remain open during the Thanksgiving break only for those students who do not travel outside of the KC Metro and gather with others outside of their household during break. Students who choose to travel or gather for the holiday will not be permitted to return to campus for the remainder of fall semester. We believe that by asking students not to travel and gather during this time, we will reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19 and provide full access to the campus and studio spaces for students who choose to stay for the remainder of the fall semester. We are asking that each student notify us of their intentions no later than Friday, October 30. 

Commuting Students:

  • Please notify your major studio instructor of your intentions. If you are not currently enrolled in a major studio, please notify Gina Golba, Vice President and Dean of Students, at of your plans.
  • If you leave campus during Thanksgiving break you must remove your personal belongings from your studio, as directed by your instructor. Your ID badge will be deactivated and you can return to campus on January 25, 2021. 

Residents of the Barbara Marshall Residence Hall (BMRH) or Marriott Hotel:

  • Please respond to the email and form you will receive from Dexter Earney, Assistant Director for Housing and Student Activities.
  • Residents who decide to travel or gather cannot return for the final three weeks and should take any personal belongings needed over winter break. 
  •  Residents who decide not to return will have their ID badge deactivated and can return to your room and campus on January 22, 2021. 

If applicable, students are also asked to notify their work-study supervisors of their intentions. 


Need a place to access Wifi or hang out between classes?  The Jannes Library and Cafe Nerman are your spots! Bring your own device, or use one in the library.  Important: Bring your own headphones, follow the procedures for each location, and if coming on the weekend you must sign up on the Weekend Request Form.

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COVID19 Dashboard Historical Data - The Dashboard reflects new confirmed cases and not cumulative cases. Historical data for cases per week can be viewed here.