Parking On Campus


Keep in mind that our campus is small, so you would never need to drive around for classes, and if you did need or want to go somewhere in town, the KCAI Transportation Plan allows students to use the bus and bike share for free. You can learn more about this program on the campus policies page.


All students who choose/need to bring a vehicle are expected to register it with the department of Safety and Security. Please use the link in the section above to register your vehicle. This is a free process and will result in a sticker being provided that can be picked up at the Security desk and needs to be placed on your vehicle. Vehicles displaying the sticker are welcome to park in campus parking lots on a first come, first serve basis when spaces are available. Handicap spaces should only be used by vehicles that have this designation, and Visitor and Reserved parking spaces should not be used Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00pm, but may be used outside of these times on a first come, first serve basis should they be available. There is also free parking on most streets around our campus.


Registering your vehicle does not permit access to the Barbara Marshall Residence Hall Basement Parking Garage. Those spaces are sold to residents who live on campus, and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Parallel Parking Tips

Give Others Room to Park

  • Maximize availability. Pull as close to the vehicles in front or behind you as possible while leaving enough space (18 inches) for them to exit.
  • If parking adjacent to a No Parking area, pull as close to the No Parking sign as possible without your bumper passing the sign. 

Check Your Bumpers

  • Check your front and rear bumpers to make sure they are not extending into a driveway, crosswalk or no parking zone.  Be sure you leave at least 18 inches between you and the other car. 

Give Driveway Owners Space to Get In and Out

  • A driveway begins at the top of the sloped edges, or the “curb cut.”  Do not let your car extend beyond the beginning of the curb cut. 

Check for Signs

  • Always check for posted parking/no parking signs.  Look 100 feet in both directions for any sign. Please call 311 to report any defaced, deficient or missing parking signs.

Watch for Crosswalks

  • It is illegal to park in any marked or unmarked crosswalks. Never block curb ramps located inside or adjacent to crosswalks. Leave at least three (3) feet of space between a curb ramp and your vehicle.

Face the Flow of Traffic

  • Don't park against the flow of traffic. Your vehicle must face in the direction of the flow of traffic, even if it is otherwise parked legally.

18 Inches from the Curb

  • When parking parallel (with the side of your car against the curb), make sure your wheels are within 18 inches of the curb.