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Student Leadership Team Mission


Our mission as the Student Leadership Team is to serve as the liaison between the Kansas City Art Institute student body and the faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Trustees. As the voice of the student body, the Team aims to promote the personal and professional interests of the KCAI community.


Department Representatives and Organization Representatives will be identified during the fall semester, and a meeting schedule will be developed and shared as well.  Stay tuned for more details, and if you have questions, please contact Dexter Earney, Assistant Director for Housing and Student Activities at, or 816-802-3358. 

Student Leadership Team Student Representatives 2016-2017

To be determined for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Student Leadership Team 2017
First SLT Meeting of the academic year (.docx, 7K)
Campus Infrastructure 2/3 (.docx, 11K)
Student Services 2/24 (.docx, 9K)
Academic Affairs 3/24 (.docx, 11K)
Inclusion 4/14/2017 (.docx, 7K)
Student Leadership Team 2016
Security and Student Affairs 2/25 (.pdf, 139K)
Student Leadership Team 4/29: Campus Infrastructure, KCAI Website and Construction (.docx, 74K)
Academic Affairs Minutes April 15, 2016 (.pdf, 61K)
Student Leadership Team 2015
Response: Academic Advising (.docx, 7K)
Response: Academic Affairs (.docx, 16K)
Response: Admissions (.docx, 5K)
Response: Advancement (.docx, 6K)
Response: Campus Tech (.docx, 4K)
Response:Communications (.docx, 5K)
Response: Global Studies (.docx, 5K)
Response: Plant Services (.docx, 5K)
Response: Safety and Security (.docx, 5K)
Response: Special Programs (.docx, 6K)
Annual Operating Budget 14-15 (.pdf, 352K)
Student Leadership Team Response/Action Reports
SLT Response/Action, February 17, 2012 (.pdf, 220K)
SLT Response/Action, March 30, 2012 (.pdf, 143K)
SLT Response/Action, February 15, 2013 (.pdf, 151K)
SLT Response/Action, March 8, 2013 (.pdf, 215K)
SLT Response / Action February 14 2014 (.docx, 155K)
SLT Response / Action March 4 2014 (.docx, 166K)
Student Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
SLT Meeting Minutes, February 17, 2012 (.pdf, 36K)
SLT Meeting Minutes, March 30, 2012 (.pdf, 101K)
SLT Meeting Minutes, February 15, 2013 (.pdf, 61K)
SLT Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2013 (.pdf, 59K)
Student Leadership Team Downloads
Meeting minutes, information etc.
Locations of Campus Bike Racks 11-12, Map (.jpg, 714K)
Response: Student Affairs / Student Life (.docx, 9K)
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2018-2019 Student Organization list will be added once it is updated. This list of 2017-2018 Registered Student Organizations is here as a reference until that time.


A student group dedicated to KCAI’s chapter of the professional organization for design. For more information, please contact Tyler Galloway at 


Animation Club

The club is made to focus on animation as a medium and craft. Animation Clun is meant to act as a center for community and collaboration within the animation department and to allow a place to gather and share resources related to animation. For more information, please contact Cohen Babcock at


Art Play

ArtPlay marks the intersection of art and social action. Participants build creative skills and social awareness in the community through engaging with people directing projects, organizing, and managing volunteers. Ultimately, ArtPlay seeks to better both the school and city community with art related volunteer work. For more information, please contact Christopher Williams at



Asian Culture Organization

The Asian Culture Organization is a fun and education group with the purpose to learn about Asian culture, customs, art, and expand the diversity of Asia throughout the KCAI community. For more information, please contact Jason Wang at


BACC (Black Artist Culture & Community)

BACC (Black Artists, Culture, and Community) uses artistic talent to encourage cultural diversity through student leadership, mentorship, community service and campus activities. BACC seeks to foster a sense of community among students of color. It serves as a liaison between students and administration, giving students of color a voice on issues that are most pressing to them and serving as a resource to ensure that the social, cultural and educational needs of students are met. For more information, please contact Gerre Barnwell at


Night Owls

The KCAI Night Owls Soccer Club is a student organization whose members participate in a Kansas City Soccer Dome adult coed league.  The team is sponsored in the fall and spring by KCAI.  Members also enjoy scheduled practices and impromptu games on the campus green. For more information, please contact Jarkece Huffin at


Cause on Campus

This is a group affiliated with the Cause Church, and meets on Wednesday nights to have a church/Bible study meeting. For more information, please contact Shannon Deatrick at


Fire Frisbee's

Fire Frisbee's advocates staying active, having fun, and winning through the means of playing ultimate frisbee! For more information, please contact Erica Miget at


Illustration Committee

The Illustration Committee functions for organizing departmental events within and without the studio curriculum and letting the students voice concerns and ideas on how to improve the department across the various grade levels. For more information, please contact Emily Alvarez at


Student Activists for Equality (SAFE)

Student Activists for Equality (SAFE) is a student-led organization in Kansas City, Missouri whose goal is to educate, promote political awareness, and inspire people to stand up for human rights. Its primary focus is LGBTQUA + equality. For more information, please contact Lee Warren at

Students for Sustainability

Students for Sustainability aims to bring awareness to the roles of consumption and ethics play in our KCAI community and how we can facilitate mindful practices within our studios. We will mainly focus on fiber processes and the waste they produce, such as fabric scraps and water from dye processes. We will broaden the conversation to a global scale and facilitate discussions around the problematic aspects of fast fashion and the garment industry, but we will take action and address changes mainly in our community and our studio practices. During biweekly meetings, we will have guest speakers who use sustainable practices in their studios. For more information, please contact Nicole Hartman at



SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) strives to provide a safe space for discussion and moral support, promoting awareness and visibility among the group’s own community and then within the campus and surrounding community by creating an atmosphere of acceptance, tolerance, self-pride, support, and understanding. For more information, please contact August DeMarea at


Tabletop Gaming

To create a small community of people interested in collective storytelling using tabletop gaming systems: Such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, etc. For more information, please contact Greg Baker at


Theatre Club

This club will connect students through theatre and help teach the rules to improve, expand overall theatre knowledge, and create a fun and free environment to help students relax. For more information, please contact Mallory Kneece at


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